Do you want to have more fish or plastic in our oceans?

We'll be leaving our beaches in good hands, if these guys are anything to go by.

Six year old Leo Meredith has become passionate about saving our marine life by picking up rubbish at the beach, inspired by seeing what Plastic Free Manly was up to on a recent trip from Matakana in New Zealand.

Meanwhile, local school girls Talia and Isla Stedman have become beach clean-up regulars. Talia's research for a recent school speaking competition led her to find out all about the impact of plastic waste on the ocean and she was horrified to find "soon there will more plastic than fish in the world's oceans!". The sisters have set up a petition, asking "Is this what you want for your future? No! Well then we need to do something about it!". The petition calls for a ban on plastic bags in Australia and will be delivered to the NSW Minister for Environment and other politicians. So please help them exceed their target of 200 signatures.

Alex Davidson