Manly Long Board Co.

Mark Preece’s Manly Longboard Co. (MLBC) has been free of single-use plastic bags for the last five years, following a few years experimenting with biodegradable and recycled plastic bags.

These days, you’ll walk out of MLCB with a rather unusual paper bag. Mark found that a barrier in changing from plastic to paper was not just the costs of upgrading to paper, but also the huge quantities of bags he’d have to order if he wanted branded bags. So he came up with a creative solution: if he can print his logo onto t-shirts, why not print it onto bags too? Mark experimented and loved the outcome: “it’s a unique bag, as the fabric ink on the paper gives the logo a beautiful texture and crisp edge”. 

Mark’s solution means he can buy smaller quantities of bags in a range of sizes, and he says his customers are delighted when they see the bags are screen-printed too, often wanting to use them as gift bags. MLBC also has a range of reusable cotton bags, from super light bags to large tote bags and drawstring gym and beach gear bags.

Mark’s efforts aren’t limited to reducing plastic bags, he’s also keen on re-use and “up-cycling”.  He has an eye for rare and vintage surf-wear, which hangs alongside the new MLBC in the store. His range of “Recycled Flannos”  are secondhand flannel shirts with the MLBC brand screen-printed on the back, giving them a fresh new life.  

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