Plastic-free, just one step at a time.

Once you become aware of the amount of single-use plastic that has become part of your life, it’s hard to ignore it. Especially when you become aware of the damage plastic waste can have on our environment, our marine life and ultimately, our health. However, current pace of life, the confusion around recycling and the seemingly endless list of monthly causes you’re called to be part of (should one partake in Dry July or Plastic Free July?), can mean that going cold-turkey on all single-use plastics this July may feel like something heading for the ‘too hard’ basket.

Until now.

Making a positive difference to the environment this July is easier that you think. Environmental Goddess Dame Jane Goodall inspires me when she says “What you do makes a difference and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make”. When it comes to reducing your single-use plastic consumption, you don’t need to do everything, you don’t need to get it right every time… you just need to do something.


If an all-out ban on single-use plastic isn’t for you right now, here are 3 simple ways that you can reduce the plastic in your life in a mindful and rewarding way. If you’d like to get to the end of July feeling you’ve made a difference, perhaps starting with one of the following approaches will be more motivating:

1.     Just choose one.

A great way to get started is focus on just one of the big 4 plastic trouble makers:

  1. Single-use plastic bags
  2. Plastic straws
  3. Single-use coffee cups and lids
  4. Plastic water bottles

2.     Just a week.

If a whole month of plastic-free-ness sounds like a lot, try to reduce your plastic consumption for just one week. At the end of 7 days, reflect on how easy or hard it was and decide what to do next.

3.     Just reduce.

If you don’t feel up to eliminating all single use plastic from your life, why not aim to simply reduce the plastic in your daily life, one day at a time. Every small reduction is a decision that will make a difference.

Forming new habits is often less about one defining moment and more about a series of many small decisions over time. By making a small change today you are laying the foundation for another small positive change tomorrow…

Our free downloadable guide “8 ways to reduce the plastic in your life” might be just the reminder you need to get started.

Alex Davidson