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Nelli & Mo

Fashion, homewares and art boutique Nelli & Mo is 100% single-use plastic bag free.  The plastic free journey began with Manly Eco-bags, says owner Jennifer Wynne. “I really liked the idea of having our logo amongst other like minded businesses, and being part of something positive for the environment”.

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Buddha Wear

Tabea Kleine, Managing Director at Buddha Wear, is eagerly awaiting the delivery of cotton eco bags for the store, to replace the current stop-gap paper option. “I am so glad that we are moving on to the best bag for the environment. Hopefully we can get people to reuse them, bring them back in, which would be cool to see.”

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When Tom Schoeb arrived in Manly he was struck not by our beautiful environment, but by our backward approach to protecting it. “I was shocked when I came here that you still have single-use plastic bags. In Austria, where I’m from, we are trying to ban even recycled plastic bags. I can’t even remember single-use plastic bags from when I was a kid, we never had them.”

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Manly Food Co-Op

A waste minimisation approach is hard wired into the DNA of the Co-Op, which was set up 20 years ago with an EPA grant for just this purpose. And it’s not only about plastic and plastic bags - it’s about finding ways to shop with absolutely minimal packaging across the board.

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The Butcher and the Chef

Imagine your typical busy butcher’s shop. Beautiful hanging salamis, display cases full of butterflied chickens - and customers leaving with around 100 plastic bags an hour. Every hour, every day. While she loved her business, the environmental impact really began to bug The Butcher & The Chef’s Kristy Barbara.

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